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Andhra Pradesh Travel This south Indian state is hidden gem waiting to be explored by tourists. The modern metropolitan and ancient religious city- all form part of this state. Want to know what else is on offer on Andhra Pradesh tourism? Read below. Our details on Andhra Pradesh Travel will definetly help you.
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Andhra Pradesh Travel

State Capital Hyderabad
Area ('000 sq. km) 25o
Principal Language Telugu and Urdu

char-minar Andhra Pradesh is one of the four states in South India and Tourism Andhra Pradesh is one of the best ways to explore the southern part of the country. Situated on the South eastern side of Indian mainland, Andhra Pradesh covers an area of nearly 2,50,000 sq. km. This makes it the fifth largest state in the country. Andhra Pradesh is often referred to as 'Rice Bowl of India' because of its huge production of rice. There are almost 34 rivers watering the lands of Andhra Pradesh making it highly compatible for agriculture. So don't be amazed to know that more than 70 percent of the population here is indulged in agriculture. 

Andhra Pradesh today is a state with two faces. on your Andhra Pradesh tourism, one shows you the rich history that it boasts of, and has been boasting all along. The entire state is jeweled with some exquisite historical monuments that virtually lets you walk abreast its glorious past. And the other face gives you the glimpses of the bright future that the state is heading to. The degree of development that has taken place in Andhra Pradesh has amazed even the most optimistic of minds. It's capital city Hyderabad is tipped by many to be the next IT capital of India.

The rich culture and the many magnificent attractions are more than enough reason for Andhra Pradesh tourism. But there is equally good reason for Hindu pilgrims to visit this state. Andhra Pradesh is home to the world famous Tirupati Temple. The number of pilgrims who visit Tirupati in a single day will leave you awestruck.

Andhra Pradesh Travel – History
The earliest mention about the state is found in Aitareya Brahmana. At that point of time, the region was known by the name of Dakshina Padh. The historical evidence, however, is available only since the Mauryan age. A number of dynasties ruled over the state including the Satavahanas , Eastern Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagar, Qutb Shahis , the Mughal before it finally came under the British rule. Post India's independence in 1947, there was a major struggle to create the Andhra state which finally came into existence in the year 1953. The first capital was Kurnool. In 1956, Hyderabada became the capital city

Andhra Pradesh Travel – Cultural Treasures

On your Andhra Pradesh tourism, you will find the people of Andhra Pradesh heavily inclined towards their culture and are adamant on preserving the originality of it. Famous for Kalamkari works in handicrafts and Kuchipudi dance in performing arts, Andhra Pradesh has a large section of tourists as its huge admirers. Festivals like Makar Sakranti, Lumbini Festival and Deccan Festival also reflect the true culture of Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Travel – Climate
The climate in Andhra Pradesh is mostly hot and humid. The summers, that extend from March to June are hot and should be avoided for a visit. The average temperature range from 20-40° centigrade. With July, the monsoon season steps in and heavy rainfall washes the land. This is the season for farmers as their labour gets a boost from mother nature and they can expect a good crop. However, still this is not the season for a visit to Andhra. From October onwards, the weather begins to become little friendlier towards tourists and it becomes far more easier for you to explore the attractions of Andhra Pradesh. The best time for Andhra Pradesh tourism starts from October and continues till February.

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Andhra Pradesh Travel – Cities
Though a major part of the population resides in village and engages in agriculture, the cities of Andhra Pradesh are no less significant. When it comes to showcasing the rich heritage of the state, the cities of Andhra score full marks. These cities house the famous monuments, temples and museums that displays the wealth of art and architecture of the bygone era. Moreover, the modern developments of the world are also seen when you visit the cities of Andhra Pradesh, specially Hyderabad. Explore Hyderabad and other cities like Visakhapatnam, Warangal, Tirupati and Vijayawada on your Andhra Pradesh tourism this vacation.

Andhra Pradesh Travel – Temples
Despite the fact that the state of Tamil Nadu is preferred when it comes to temple tourism, yet Andhra Pradesh tourism holds its own with the renowned Tirupati Temple. This is one temple that alone draws lakhs of curious visitors, architecture lovers and pilgrims to Andhra Pradesh every year. Tirupati Temple is the richest Hindu temple in the world and the second most visited pilgrimage destination in the world after Vatican. The foot fall during a normal day easily touches the two lakh and during festival days, especially during the 9 day Brahmotsavam, when the number of pilgrims crosses the million mark. The sanctity and the divine atmosphere is perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation. And for some, perfect for self realization. Apart from the Tirupati Temple, the Thousand Pillar Temple dedicated to Lord shiva, Vishnu and Surya also attracts a number of pilgrims.

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Andhra Pradesh Travel – Wildlife
Don't forget to enjoy the exotic wildlife of the state during your Andhra Pradesh tourism. The moist deciduous eastern ghat forests, dry deciduous forests of Nallamalais, the mangrove belt and the green coastal area are home to some of the most rare animal and bird species. Catch them in action this vacation.

Andhra Pradesh Cuisine
Taste the delicious flavours of Andhra Pradesh on your Andhra Pradesh tourism. Andhra Pradesh cuisine is today listed among one of the best attraction of the state and not to be missed category. Andhra Pradesh Cuisine is the spiciest of all cuisines in India; so don't start your meal without a glass of water besides you. But the splendid taste of the dishes will surely make you think twice before you drink that glass of water. The Hyderabadi Biryani is the most famous dish of the state.

Andhra Pradesh Travel – Hotels
The hotels in Andhra Pradesh cater to the needs of various kinds of tourists ranging from luxury to economy segment. Check out more about hotels in Andhra Pradesh in Hotels in Hydrabad section.

Andhra Pradesh Travel – How to Reach
By Air: Hyderabad has the only international airport in the state that is connected to all the major cities of the world. Domestic airports in Andhra Pradesh is situated in Tirupati, Vishakhapatnam, Rajahmundry and Vijaywada

By Rail: Andhra Pradesh serves as a bridge between North India and other South Indian states. Most of the trains between North India and Sotuh India generally pass from Andhra Pradesh.

By Road: Andhra Pradesh has 4,104 km of the National Highways network pass through it while the State highways cover around 60,000 km. Yet another 1,04,000 km of Andhra land is covered by Panchayati Raj roadnetwork.

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