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South India is a magnificent region to explore. Articles on South India intend to introduce you to all small and big attractions of this region together with some informative articles on south India that will help you if you are planning a trip soon.
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Readers' Corner - Articles on South India

Articles or always nice to read. And why not, they always tell so much about a topic. Travellers too, find articles extremely helpful while they are planning a trip to a region. So, South India Tour Package has come up with this article section where you will find a number of writeups - some informative and descriptive while others account of real people who travelled to south India. Take a quick look below and find an article that interests you.

Articles For Readers
Ancient History of South India : Start off by acquainting yourself with the history of South India. This first in the three articls series covers the ancient history of the region.

Medieval History of South India : Get to know about the historical events and dynasties that made an impact during the medieval era in south India.

Modern History of South India : Find the twists and turns of events that marked the modern history of South India.

Nature Trail - South India : Explore the various natural attractions that make south India such a beautiful region for tourism.

Heritage Trail - South India : More interested in culture, heritage, history..? Set out to explore the various monuments of south India. The article will serve as your guide.

World Heritage Sites - South India : Yet another article that will make your desire to explore the heritage of south India convenients

Weddings in South India : Ever heard about the grand Indian wedding? Because of the religious and cultural diversity, everu region has a different set of traditions and customs that rule a wedding. Weddings in south India too have a set traditions, but even then they are no less grander.

Useful Phrases : Arm yourself with some useful words and phrases that you can use in different states of south India. A perfect way to mix up with the local population and make your vacation even more interesting. Remember, though, they are not so easy to pronounce!

Carnatic Music : This musical art form has entertained and enamoured many. Why not learn more about it.

Kathakali Dance : If you have ever been to south India before, you probably have seen this and if not you must do so in your coming vacation. The dance drama form is charming and narrate an entire story in a performance

Top Things to Do in Kerala : Planning a visit to Kerala but stil, unsure where to go and what to do amongst so many in the lis? Check out the article, it will surely help.

Jog falls - Karnataka : Did we not tell you that south India has abundant natural treasures? Jog Falls is one amongst them. The awesome falls have a mesmerising effect on onlookers. Just glimpse of it takes away all your exhaustion and fills you with freshness.