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South India Heritage Trail - South India is full of heritage monuments each having a compelling story to tell. Interested? Then Why not pack you clothes and set on a heritage trail of South India
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South India Heritage Trail

Endless heritage sites scattered in every state of south India are testimony to the glorious bygone era. South India offers a blissful experience of sightseeing tour to some stunning heritage sites famed for their exquisite architecture. The style and architecture of these monuments are different from the historical structures of north India.

Jewish Synagogue Kerala is endowed with a rich repertoire of ancient monuments. Lose yourself in rich past of the state by wondering at the ruins of of majestic temples, magnificent palaces and decayed forts. Some palaces treasure fine collections of antique sculptures, beautiful paintings and many other artifacts like musical instruments, models of folk art etc. Some of the worth seeing monuments of Kerala includes Jewish Synagogue, Bekal Fort, Padmanabha Palace, Alwaye Palace, Edakkal caves, Krishnapuram Palace and many more.

The ancient dynastic land of India, Karnataka is dotted with numerous marvelous monuments that are heavily ornamented. These man made wonders are living example of past history, narrating the tales of ancient civilizations of a region. Unique and fabulous architecture glorious buildings is worth praising. Karnataka houses numerous treasure troves such as Gol Gumbaz, Mysore Palace, Belgaum Fort and Bidar Fort which make for a worthwhile visit.

Tamil Nadu
Rock Fort Temple “The Land of Temples” Tamil Nadu is bestowed with some notable monuments, built in Dravidian style of architecture. The walls are adorned with elaborate sculptures and beautiful carvings. Unique architecture and gopurams are specialties of these ancient structures. Some of the eminent historical buildings of the state includes Rock Fort Temple, Arjuna's Penance, Tanjavur Palace, Aranthangi Fort, Valluvar Kottam and many more.

Andhra Pradesh
The architectural designs of historical monuments in Andhra Pradesh reflect a fine blend of Dravidian, Chalukan, Orissa and Nagara style. The state cherishes its rich legacy from several ruling dynasties like Pallavas, Ikshvakus, Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, Mughals ruling it. They made significant contribution to the cultural heritage by erecting some architectural wonders. Charminar, Golconda Fort. Qutub Shahi Tomb, Mecca Masjid and many more are famous heritage sites of the state. The elegant designs and intricate carvings of the structures showcase the skill and creativity of artisans.