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Useful Words Phrases - For travellers, it is extremely important to acquaint themselves with some basic useful words and phrases before travelling in a particular country. This comes handy whenever you come across people who do not understand your language. Also it helps to connect with local people far more easily.
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South India - Useful Phrases

Once you have planned to travel to any part of the world, it is very essential to familiarize yourself with some basic phrases in regional language. In India, since every state has its own official language which is spoken by the local people, things become all the more difficult. Yet there is no reason to worry as we are here to introduce you to some useful phrases that will help you while in South India.

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala. Equip yourself with some basic words in regional language so that its easier to interact with local people.
  • Namasthe is the word used to say hello and greet somebody.
  • If you traveling in some local bus and need to get down at desired destination say “ivide iranganam”.
  • To ask for a help say “onnu sahhayikkumo?”.
  • Want to know from where to hire a taxi say “evide taxi kittum”.
  • While traveling if you want to know where does this road go say “e road evidekku pokum”?
  • To know the cost say “ ithinu enthu vila varun”?
  • If somebody helps you don't forget to say thanks, which in Malayalam is as follows – “valare upkaram”.
Tamil Nadu
Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu. Get to know about the basic Tamil phrases so that you don't face any kind of problem while asking for some information.
  • To greet someone in Tamil language say “Vanakkam”.
  • "Dayavu" seithu” means please.
  • In case you lost your purse say “en purse a tholachitten”.
  • To ask for help say “pannunga”.
  • Want to know where is the airport/bus stop/railway station say “ airport/bus stop/railway station enga irukku”.
  • Get information about the desired place – “(name of place) ku eppadi poganum”?
  • To know the cost of a particular thing - “idu evlo”?
Andhra Pradesh
The official language of Andhra Pradesh is Telugu.
  • Local people greet each other by saying “namasthe/namaskaram”.
  • While traveling by bus or auto-rickshaw, if you have reached the desired place inform the driver by saying “naku ekka dadigaali”.
  • To ask for a help in Telugu - “meeru naku sahayam Chaiyandi”.
  • To know for the taxi stand - “naaku taxi exaada doruku thundi”.
The official language of Karnataka is Kannada.
  • People in Karnataka greet each other by saying “Namaskara”.
  • To ask a cost of a thing say “idhake yestu bele”?
  • If you want to get an information about the nearest telephone booth “hathiradhalli telephone unta”.
  • To get a attentions of a person say “lllinodi”.
  • Want to know the cost of a thing say “idhakke yeshtu”.
  • If you need a help “sahaaya maadi”.
  • While in trouble ask for a help by saying “nimma sahaya bekagidhe”.
  • In case you have lost your bag say “nanna cheele kaledu hoyithu”.