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Pondicherry Travel - Pondicherry travel offers you an opportunity to soak into cultural treasures. Undertake Pondicherry tourism this holiday to unravel the various delights that lie in store for you.
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Pondicherry Travel

Pondicherry Beach Planning a vacation and wondering where to go and what new to do? Well, you can go for Pondicherry tourism this vacation.

Pondicherry, during the vedic times was known as Vedapuri. It came into prominence as this was the place where the great Sage Agastya once worshiped Lord Shiva, known by the name Vedapuriswara. Pondicherry is a Union Territory which is situated on the eastern side of Indian mainland. Being a former French colony Pondicherry shows a strong influence of yesteryears. One can see a large number of religions flourishing in small yet beautiful part of India. Hinduism always had a strong hold in Pondicherry. And with time Islam and Christianity also found home in Pondicherry and today are as major as Hinduism.

Situated just 160 Km south of Chennai and close to most states of South India, Pondicherry today is an amalgamation of people from all these states. And with them came all the languages of these states. Here you will find many languages being spoken like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and French. So is the culture different. This potpourri of culture and traditions is what makes Pondicherry a truly wonderful tourist destination.

Pondicherry Travel – History
Pondicherry's history reveal that it was an advanced settlement much before other cities in India started their development process. The region had trading relationship with the Romans. In the fourth century, the region came under the rule of the Pallavas and developed further. The Pallava rulers continued to dominate the region till tenth century when the Cholas took over. The Cholas were followed by the Pandayas, Muslim, Vijaynagar and the Sultan of Bijapur who ruled the region till little before the seventeenth century. From this period onwards, the foreign influence started gaining prominence in Pondicherry. The Danes, Dutch, Portuguese, British and French all. The French rules over the region for around three centuries. Post independence, it took sometime before, finally the Union territory of Pondicherry was formed.

Pondicherry Travel –Climate
Pondicherry enjoys a fair weather throughout the year. The summers sees temperature shooting upto 31.5º C whereas in winters it dips 20.9ºC. The best time for Pondicherry tourism is between October to March

Pondicherry Travel - Tourist Places to See
Covering only 432 Km2,, Pondicherry might not be a very vast territory but it is loaded with some fantabulous tourist places to see. The most famous destination that most people know of is the Aurobindo Ashram. If you are planning to stay in the quiescent Aurobindo Ashram, it is advised that you book a room for yourself well in advance as the number of rooms is not very large but the number of people looking for them is. It is quite possible for you to visit most parts of the Ashram during the visiting hours. However some sections of the ashram requires you to obtain a pass. If you are staying in the ashram, you will be provided with the pass, but if you are staying outside, you will have to contact the Bureau Central.
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Other Places to see on your Pondicherry tourism include the botanical garden, Chunnambar Boat House and Vedapureeswarar Temple. Excavation sites outside the city at Arikamedu put light on the earliest roman settlements which are believed to be around 2000 years old. There is a promenade as well that is an absolutely unique attraction. This 1500 m long promenade has some exquisitely carved statues of Monsieur Dupleix, the greatest French Governor of Pondicherry. There is also a statue of Mahatma Gandhi midway of the promenade.

Pondicherry Travel - Unity In Diversity
Pondicherry is the corruption of “Puducherry”, which means a new hamlet. The fact that people speaking 55 different languages reside here and that Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, French and English are the five official languages certainly raises eyebrows. In spite of this linguistic plethora, there is no confusion but absolute harmony.

There are very few streets in the town not sanctified by the precincts of a temple, a church or a mosque. Many temples here are ten centuries old and a few churches date back to the end of the 17th century. Festivals are recurrent; people from all religions regardless of their caste and creed join the celebrations, and thereby spread a festive mood all around. In fact there is no place in India where religious harmony is so natural. Experience this harmony on your Pondicherry tourism.

Pondicherry Travel – How to Reach
By Air: The capital city of this Union territory is home to the only airport. The town of Pondicherry, however, has a domest ic airport. International tourists have to fly to any of the three airports of Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore and thereafter fly or drive down to Pondicherry.

By Rail: Vilupuram & Chennai are the closest major railway station from Pondicherry and is well connected to other parts of the country.

By Road: This is probably the best way to reach Pondicherry. The region is connected by taxis and buses from Chennai.
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