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Karnataka Heritage - Travel Karnataka, and experience the varied cultural heritage of South India that differentiates South India from the North India.
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Karnataka Heritage

KarnatakaKarnataka, known as "the priceless gift of indulgent nature", is a unique blend of a glorious past and a rich present. Karnataka is the sixth largest state in India.It is the only state in India where gold is found.It is the land of silk and sandal, of coffee and cardamom, of the 17m statue of Jain Saint Gomateshwara and of the enchaning sculptural wealth of Belur and Halebid of the historical ruins of Hampi and monuments of Bijapur. To the composite culture of India, the contribution of Karnataka, is in no way inferior to that of any other region of India. In fact, in many fields, Karnataka's contribution far exceeds that of the other regions individually. This is specially so in the fields of are, music, religion, and philosophy.

Karnataka possesses a rich cultural heritage. The folk theatre has an ancient and rich tradition, the two principal forms being Yakshagana and the puppet theatre. 'Yakshagana' is akin to Kathakali of Kerala in the choice of its elaborate costumes and vigorous dancing. 'Bhootada Kunita' (Dance of the Divine Cult), 'Nagamandala' and the demon dance are some quaint rituals prevalent only in Dakshina Kannada coastal area.

Sravanabelagola, near Mysore, has a giant 1,000-yr-old stone statue of Bahubali, the Jain saint. Huge monolithic Jain statues are peculiar to the Kannada culture.