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Lakshadweep Heritage - Travel Lakshadweep, and experience the varied cultural heritage of South India that differentiates South India from the North India.
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Lakshadweep Heritage

LakshadweepEthnically the people of the islands are similar to the population of Kerala. Even the language is the same except in Minicoy where Mahl is spoken. They follow conservative customs and traditions but are liberal in approach. The people are friendly and honest and there is an absence of crime. Testimony to this is the profusion of gold ornaments worn by the women. Young children are spotted wandering alone wearing chunky jewellery. 93% of the population is indigenous. According to the 1991 census, the population was 51,707.

History comes alive in folk ballads that women chant during household chores. Memories of the past - the arrival of Hazrat Ubaidulla in Lakshadweep, the plunder of the islands by the Portuguese, are kept alive by the balladeer.

The men have spirited folk dances. Women are modest and dress colourfully. In Minicoy there is a profusion of colour, on houses, furniture and boats. There are many seamen from Minicoy on merchant ships all over the world.