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Tamil Nadu Heritage - Travel Tamilnadu, and experience the varied cultural heritage of South India that differentiates South India from the North India.
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Tamilnadu Heritage

TamilnaduThe heart of Tamilaham, the home of the Tamils or Tamil Nadu, lies around and south of the curve of the Eastern Ghats as it goes to merge with the Western Ghats in the Nilgiris. Some of the oldest prehistoric settlements of India have been found in this area, which has also been the cradle of ancient arts and crafts and industries, a land of innumerable, incomparable temples.

The Bharatnatyam is the traditional dance of Tamil Nadu. The dancers seem to express their infatuation with the lord who has been described in one of the Prayers as Lord Krishna, with eyes like lustrous pearls, heads bedecked with Peacock feathers and body the hue of Heaven.

The people of Tamil Nadu speak Tamil, one of the oldest and most developed languages of India. Religion is second nature to Tamilians, intricately mixed with colourful blends of secular practices and religious observance. Tamilians attach great importance to the wearing of the sacred thread by the Brahmins and Mangalsutra (a special necklace) by women after marriage. Many men wear the religious mark over their forehead- known as the Tilak (vermilion). Another common practice is bathing everyday in nearby river, stream or tank.