South India Tour Package
South India Monuments - Travel to South India Monuments that narrate the glorious past of this proud land. These monuments of South India reveal the glimpse of the rich culture and heritage of South India.
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South India Tour Package
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South India Monuments

The monuments in South India reveal the charismatic world of culture and heritage. These South India monuments represent the true cultural, historical, traditional and religious pleasure to the visitors along with the past legacy of incredible India. So plan a South India monument tour to experience the influences of rich Indian dynasties such as Pallavas, Chalukyas, Ikshvakus, Kakatiyas etc. Some of the major monuments of South India are listed below.
Kerala Monuments Kerala - the "God’s Own Country" has its foremost stand to the cultural heritage of India in every manner. This gem state of India is dotted with numerous South India monuments that are renowned for their gracious architecture and exquisite carvings and artisan work. Many of these monuments are the center of religious dedication of Keralites. Some of the major monuments of Kerala are:

  • Alwaye palace
  • Madavoorpara Rock Cut Temple
Monuments in TamilnaduTamil Nadu monuments are the architectural masterpiece, in which the clear glimpse of Dravidian architecture can be seen, this is why Tamilnadu state is also renowned as the witness of Dravidian culture. These monuments of Tamilnadu are famous for their impressive architecture adorned with exquisite carvings, towering gopurams and sculptural marvel. These monuments are counted amongst the best monuments of South India. The major Tamilnadu monuments are:

Monuments in Karnataka Karnataka has always been the center of ancient culture and traditions, where the vast regional diversity can be seen, hence this state is called the rich blend of antiquity and modernism. The important historical monuments in Karnataka includes the temples, forts, palaces and ruins, that reveal the remarkable architecture of Karnataka. These monuments of Karnataka are the listed among the most visited monuments in South India. The major monuments of Karnataka are:

Andhara Pradesh Temples Andhra Pradesh is one of the main South Indian state, famous for its prolific religious monuments. The temples of Andhra Pradesh illustrate the different styles of Indian architecture. In these temples one can find the shades of Chalukyan, Nagrara, Dravidian and Orissa idiom architectural designs. One of the most visited Indian temples - Tirupati Balaji is the supreme attraction of Andhra Pradesh state. So plan South India monument tour to visit these eminent temples of Andhra Pradesh. The most important Andhra Pradesh temples are: