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Bidar Fort - The striking architecture of Bidar Fort leaves the visitors spell bound. Bidar Fort Karnataka houses numerous magnificent historical buildings adorned with intricate work.
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Bidar Fort

Location Bidar, Karnataka
Construction Period Built in 8th century
Significance Houses ruins of Royal Baths, Pavilions etc.

Originally constructed in the 8th century by Sultan Ahmad Shah, Bidar fort is testimony to glorious bygone era of Bahmani empire. The sprawling complex houses the crumbling ruins of royal baths, kitchens, pleasure pavilions, audience hall, a jail, living quarters, wells, bastions and gates and many other sundry structures. The Bidar fort was renovated under the regime of Delhi Sultanate. It was made more attractive by decorating the verdant surroundings with perfumed fountains and baths.

History of Bidar Fort
Bidar Fort was built during the regime of Chalukyas in the year 977 AD. After that the fort was under the Yadavas of Devagiri for some time. Later on, Bidar Fort was took over by Kalyanas of Warangal in the year 1322. From 1724, the fort remained under the Nizams of Hyderabad.

Treasures of Bidar Fort
Rangin Mahal
The exquisite palace was built by Ali Shah Barid in the 16th century AD. Rangin Mahal served as a place of worship for the royal family. Sheer elegance and beautiful carvings of the palace are worth praising. The palace showcases wonderful profusion of impressive glassy tile mosaics, wood carvings and mother-of-pearl decors, displaying hallmarks of Persian architecture.

Solah Khamba Mosque
Built in the year 1327, Solah Khamba mosque is a prominent structure inside the fort complex. The massive circular columns of the mosque are very attractive.

Other Attractions of Bidar Fort
Bidar Fort houses several fabulous architectural marvels within its complex. The Gagan Mahal, Takhat Mahal, Naubat Khana and the Diwan-E-Am with beautiful turquoise throne are fascinating attractions of Bidar Fort.

Bidar Excursions
Dev De Vana
Situated just 6 km form Bidar, Dev De is a great place of interest. The botanical garden is an eco tourism Centre with more than 200 medicinal plants.

Travel Basavakalyana, 80 km from Bidar. It was the capital of Chalukyas and ancient centre of learning and culture. The place was a birth place of 12th century renowned reformer Basaveshwara, who devoted his life to serve the poor and needy people.

Best Time to Visit Bidar Fort
September to February is the best time to visit Bidar Fort.

How to Reach
The nearest airport from Bidar is at Hyderabad (136 kms)
Bidar is well connected by Rail with Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
KSRTC buses ply from Bangalore, Gulbarga, Bijapur, Sholapur and Raichur.