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Annamalai Hills - The beauty of Annamalai Hills is refreshing and adorable. The tea and coffee gardens are the place where you can spend hours soaking in the greenery while the Annamalai Sanctuary offers you a good glimpse into the rich wildlife of the Annamalai Hills
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Annamalai Hills

Location Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu
Altitude 8850 ft
Main Attractions Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Monkey Falls, Amaravathy Reservoir,Attakatti, Varagaliar etc.
Best Time To Visit November to May

Annamalai derives from the Tamil word 'Anai' means elephant and 'Malai' means hill. The undulating landscapes are wrapped with a sheet of tea and coffee plantations and covered with teak forests. Annamalai hills are the meeting point of eastern and western ghats and thus receive heavy rainfall during monsoons. Few tribes are inhabiting the Annamalai hills, who live by hunting and collecting the jungle produce.

Main Attractions of Annamalai Hills
Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is sprawling in an area of 958 sq km. It is an ecological heaven, located in the Western Ghats. The sanctuary is habitat to diverse fauna species such as elephant, gaur, panther, sloth bear, deer, porcupine, wild bear, civet cat, flying squirrel and many more. Annamalai wildlife sanctuary also provides shelter to numerous avian species like red tree pie, rocket-tailed drongo, spotted dove, whiskered bulbul, pigeon, black headed oriole etc. Get thrilled by spotting large number of crocodiles at the reservoir in the sanctuary.

Monkey Falls
The Monkey falls is a wonderful ideal outdoor travelogue, located near the uphill ghat road Valparai on the Pollachi-Valparai road. Tourists have to undertake trekking to catch a glimpse of this picturesque spot. Enjoy memorable holidaying amidst the scenic locales with luxurious green surroundings of the cascading Monkey Falls.

Amaravathy Reservoir
Situated in the Annamalai hills, Amaravathy Reservoir is one of the fascinating attractions of the hill station. The reservoir is a breeding place to large number of crocodiles. It is a thrilling experience to watch crocodile crawling and playing with each other.

Top Slip
The natural splendor of Top slip on the Annamalai hills leaves the visitors mesmerized. Get enchanted with scenic charm of verdant surroundings. Have an exclusive experience of staying at tree houses which is thrilling as well as exciting.

Accommodation in Annamalai Hills
Few lodges are available at Top slip in Annamalai hills providing accommodation to the tourists. The best option is to book your stay with Ambul Illam as it also has a restaurant.

How to Reach Annamalai Hill Station

Closest airport is at Coimbatore

Pollachi is the nearest railway station form Annamalai hill from where the train connects to Coimbatore.

Regular buses ply from Pollachi to Coimbatore and Palani. Tourists can also hire taxi from Pollachi to reach the desired destination.