South India Tour Package
South India Temples - The temples of South India are fascinating not only as artistic expressions of the past but also as living religious institutions where traditions are integral to the life of the people.
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South India Tour Package
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South India Temples

South India Temples are the best example of craftsmanship that exhibit the superb architecture of South India. Tourism South India offers ample of opportunities to explore the famous South Indian temples.
Kerala Temples The various holy temples of Kerala justify its name ‘God’s own country’. Dedicated to various Hindu Gods and Goddesses the temples of Kerala are counted amongst the best South Indian temples. The most visited temples of Kerala are:

Famous Kerala Temple Festivals: Arattu (Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple), Thrissur Pooram (Vadakunnatha temple), Theyyam (Perumthitta Tharavad), Guruvayoor Festival (Guruvayoor Temple)
Tamilnadu TemplesTamilnadu, also renowned as the land of temples is enriched with numerous famous temples of South India. More than 33000 ancient temples bless the land of Tamilnadu. Embellished with incomparable complex architecture, magnificent sculptures and inscriptions these temples mesmerize every visitor. Some of the most visited temples in Tamilnadu are:
Famous Tamilnadu Temple Festivals: Chitri Rai Festival (Madurai Temples), Mahamagam Festival (Kumbeswarar Temple), Karthigai Deepam, Thai Pusam Festival (Murugan Temple)
Karnataka Temples The list of South Indian temples remain incomplete without the magnificent Karnataka temples. These temples exhibit various architectural styles of respective periods. Some of these temples are even listed in UNESCO World Heritage site. Some of the most famous temples in Karnataka are:
Famous Karnataka Temple Festivals: Vairamudi Brahmostava, Ground Nut Festival (Dodda Ganesha Temple), Vaikunta Ekadashi, Ugadi
Andhara Pradesh Temples Andhra Pradesh is the state where the best of South India temples are found. These temples illustrate the rich diversity of Indian temple architecture. The most visited South Indian temples - “Tirupati Balaji” is also situated in the state. Without visiting this holy temple your South Indian temple tour remains incomplete. The most visited temples of Andhra Pradesh are listed below:
Famous Andhra Pradesh Temple Festivals: Kotappakonda Temple Fair (Koteseswara Swamy Temple), Maridamma Festival (Maridamma temple), Sambhulingeswara Kalyanotsavam, Jaladurga Kalyanotsavam festival