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Somnathpur Temple - Kesava temple, the famous temples in Karnataka are fascinating not only as artistic expressions of the past but also as living religious institutions where traditions are integral to the life of the people. Take a Somnathpur temple tour to know Somnathpur temple history.
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Somnathpur Temple

Fast Facts About Somnathpur Temple

Location : Somnathpur, 38 km from Mysore in Karnataka state
Also Known as : Kesava Temple (or Keshava Temple)
Constructed in : 1268 A.D.
Built by : Somnatha
Dedicated to : Lord Keshava (Lord Krishna)
Highlight : A major monument (temple) of Hoysala dynasty
Architecture Style : Hoysala
Time to Visit : 9:00 AM 5:30 PM
Transportation : Bus transportation, both Karnataka State Government (KSRTC) and private buses are available.

Somnathpur Temple About Somnathpur Temple
Somnathpur temple, also known as "Kesava temple" is one of the famous temples in Karnataka state. It is located on the bank of river Kaveri in a small village of Somnathpur, which is 38 km from Mysore. This Somnath temple Mysore is said to be the last major temple of Hoysala dynasty. Somnathpur temple was constructed in 1268 A.D. during the reign of Narsimha III by his army general "Somnath", hence the name of temple is named after him. The temple is the best preserved monument of Hoysala architecture.

Somnathpur Temple History
The interesting Somnath Temple history takes back to the golden era of Hoysala dynasty of Narsimha king. However the Kesava temple was built during the reign of Narsimha III (1254 AD - 1291 AD) before 740 years in 1268 AD by his army commander Somnath. In the earlier years he had founded a small village on the bank of river Kaveri, which he named Somnathpur after his name.

To reveal the proud history of Somnathpur plan Somnath temple tour. Besides the Somnathpur temple history and all its related facts are also inscribed on the slab in old Kannada script at the entrance.

Architecture of Somnathpur Temple
The whole Somnathpur Temple is constructed on a broad raised platform so that the devotees may perform a pradakshina of the temple. The temple is built stellar in shape , adorned with three abounding carved pinnacles with a common Navranga.

The The outer walls of the temples are decorated with beautiful carvings. The platform on which the temple stands, is adorned with two seated lions. The temple is structured in a series of bands, winding around a star from the building. The main entrance of the temple complex is in the east side of the courtyard. The main shrine at the center is abound by a rectangular premises of subsidiary shrines and cloisters.

In the entire temple sculptures of elephants can be seen in different stance and poise, that are decorated with chains and bells. The main three idols housed in the temples of Lord Kesava, Janardhana and Venugopala. But the idol of Lord Kesava is missing at present, while the other two still can be seen in their original form.

Places to Visit Around Somnathpur Temple
  • Mudukuthore (famous for Mallikarjuna temple)
  • Talakad (famous for Vaidhyanatheshwara temple)
  • Shivanasamundaram aka Bluff and Shimsa (famous for Gaganachukku and Bharachukku waterfalls)

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