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Tamilnadu Travel - Travel Tamil Nadu to explore the various temples that make Tamil Nadu tourism such an interesting and learning experience. The cities have more charms to reveal. Just travel to Tamil Nadu and you will be delighted by what you will discover at every step..
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Tamilnadu Travel

State Capital Chennai
Area ('000 sq. km) 130
Principal Language Tamil

Meenakshi Temple Tamil Nadu is an wonderful state of India bounded by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the north and Kerala in the west. Famous for its Pulicat lake and the southernmost tip, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu has 1000 kms coastline of beautiful beaches and 5 wildlife parks. The capital of the state Chennai, is one of the fastest developing city in the country and is located on the Coromandal coast.

Having a history that dates back to several thousand years, Tamil Nadu is a rich acculturation of religion, art, culture and heritage. Often termed as the temple state of India, Tamil Nadu tourism highlights the various world famous holy temples that belong to the antediluvian times.

Tamil Nadu Travel - Climate
Tamil Nadu experiences tropical climate where temperature in summer seldom surges above 43º C and in winter rarely falls below 18º C. Winters, during months of September to February, are the best time to visit Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Travel - Culture
The culture of Tamil Nadu is represented by the artistic development of the Tamil people. This storehouse of treasures has the richest literature in the world. The music and dance of the state also plays a pivot role in arbitrating the culture of the state. Look out for Bharatnatyam that is believed to be the baby of Tamil Nadu. Cuisine of Tamil Nadu is popular for its authentic taste and the blend of spices and condiments. Rice which is grown in abundance, is the staple food of the people. A dash of coconut can be found in every dish while the availability of fresh fishes shows itself in the dietary pattern of the people of Tamil Nadu. While on Tamil Nadu tours one should indulge in enjoying non-vegetarian delicacy, Chettinad Pepper Chicken which is a world famous dish.

Tamil Nadu Travel – Cities
Tamil Nadu tourism offers you an opportunity to visit its various cities that are a treasure trove of culture and heritage. When you visit these cities, you will know why Tamil Nadu is referred to as the the temple state. The sheer number of temples that these cities house and their architecture will help you understand the level of brilliance that the designers and constructors of these temples had in an era when technology was not so advanced. Apart from this, the city of Tamil Nadu has a distinct culture which you can explore and enjoy during your Tamil Nadu tourism. The most famous cities of Tamil Nadu are Chennai, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram and Trichy.

Tamil Nadu Travel – Temples
A majority of well known temples in south India is located in Tamil Nadu and that is why, as we said above, it is known as the Temple state. The Dravidians who ruled the state built these magnificent temples with huge towers at the top and also adorned them with brilliant sculptures. Today, a number of people from all over India visit these temples to worship as well as have a good look at these temples that arouse so much of respect in every heart. Visit these temples in your Tamil Nadu tourism vacations. Famous temples of the state include the Meenakshi Temple, Murugan Temple, Kanchipuram Temple, Mahabalipuram Temple and Rameshwaram Temple
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Tamil Nadu Travel – Monuments
The state of Tamil Nadu houses numerous monuments that speak high of the development of art and architecture in the state. Apart from the temples mentioned above, the state is also home to numerous other monuments that quietly tell the story of their makers and their time. In your Tamil Nadu tourism, you can unravel all these stories at your own pace. There are the Caves of Tamil Nadu, Arjuna's Penance, Rock Fort Temple, Valluvar Kottam, Tanjavur palace, Padamanabhapuram Palace, Sivganga Palace and St George's Fort. Go explore them.

Tamil Nadu Travel – Beaches
Tamil Nadu is not just about temples and forts. Nature has also been kind to the state and blessed it with beautiful beaches. The turquoise water of the ocean charms visitors like a magnet who just love to sunbathe on these beaches. Tourism Tamil Nadu offers you an opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful beaches that include Marina Beach , Kanyakumari Beach ,Rameshwaram Beach ,Covilong Beach and Mahabalipuram Beach.

Tamil Nadu Travel – Hill Stations
The nature trail in Tamil Nadu just doesn't end at the beaches. The majestic mountains of Palani and Nilgiris spread their arms to include a number of wonderful hill stations within. There are quiet a few hill stations that are well known but then, there are numerous others that remain to be explored. In your Tamil Nadu tourism, you can explore the hidden beauty of these hill stations. Moreover, the hill stations are a playground for adventure lovers. Trekking, mountaineering and hang gliding are just few of the adventure activities that enchant visitors. For those who prefer quiter activities, fishing ans golf are also on offer. The famous hill stations of tamil Nadu include Ooty , Coonoor, and Kodaikonal

Tamil Nadu Travel – The Exotic Wildlife
Nature's another gift to Tamil Nadu comes in the form of various wildlife sanctuaries and parks. These parks and sanctuaries are home to various species of flora and fauna and thereby make for a good view for wildlife lovers. Bring your camera along on your Tamil Nadu tourism so that you can catch the animals and birds in different mood. The famous wildlife sanctuaries and parks of the state are Crocodile Bank , Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary , Viralimalai Sanctuary and Kunthakulam Bird Sanctury.

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Tamil Nadu Travel - Festivals
The cultural land of Tamil Nadu holds many local and religious festivals that attract tourists from all over the world. The main festival of Tamilnadu is Pongal, which is a harvest festival celebrated in the month of January. Feasting, music and dance mark this festival. "Karthigai Deepam" and "Varushapirapu" (Tamil New Year's Day) are also celebrated on a grand scale. Several temple festivals are held throughout the Tamilnadu, of which The Mahamagam festival celebrated once in 12 years at Kumbakonam, Meenakshi Kalyanam festival at Madurai, Natyanjali Dance Festival at Chidambaram are the famous ones.

Tamil Nadu Travel - Hotels
Tamil Nadu has a long list of hotels and be assured you will definitely find one of your choice. The major cities of Tamil Nadu are dotted with hotels that range from luxury to budget hotels. However, do make it a point to book your hotel in advance if you are visiting Tamil Nadu in tourist season. Find here more about Hotels in Chennai,Hotels in Madurai, Hotels in Mahabalipuram and Hotels in Rameshwaram

Tamil Nadu Travel - How to Reach Tamil Nadu
By Air : Tamil Nadu is an important state in India and getting there is very convenient. An international airport located near Chennai has flights to and fro from all over the world. International airlines from countries like Sri Lanka, Dubai, Germany, Jakarta, Malaysia, England, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore operate regular flights to connect Chennai.

By Railway : The main Railway Station in Tamil Nadu is in Chennai. Many important trains connect Chennai to major Railway Stations in the country.

By Road : An extensive network of roadways covers the state. A number of national highways and state highways literally crisscross the land. Most of the major cities like: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore are linked by road to Chennai and other important cities in the state.
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